QR, AR, VR Mastery Course

5 students

virtual reality augmented reality course

The Use of Quick Response Codes, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality in Teaching and Learning.

QR code means quick response code which can be used to unlock contents that we don’t see they unlock additional contents, activities or resources.
Virtual reality brings you into a world that doesn’t exist in real life. However, through the use of special goggles or a viewer that look like a mask of sorts, you can feel as though you are truly part of the world. You can even walk around and interact with the objects in the world.

On the other hand, augmented reality places virtual objects into the world around you using a device, such as a smartphone. It alters the surrounding world so that you can interact the with objects, and walk around them without requiring goggles. This makes for a different experience because you can still see the world around you, and it can even be easier on your eyes compared to VR experiences.
These resources help to develop creativity and critical thinking skills in learners and are emerging essentially in the 21st-century teaching styles.

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